15. HSD38Carntyne had another successful Safety Day this Summer, covering important topics such as: Safety Performance, Cask Handling, Health and Wellbeing, and Hazard Spotting.

Thanks to the Carntyne Safety Team and the wider team for the efforts they put into making the day happen.

Scott McIntyre Business Unit Head of On-Site Logistics discusses the importance of the Safety Day:

“The team at On-Site Logistics see our Annual Safety Day as something that is vital to our success in keeping our colleagues safe while at work and also allows us to showcase our Safety Culture to our Customers and the wider Business Units.

By taking the time out to complete the Safety Day, it allows us to really focus in on the relevant topics in our Business and build the work stations around them to focus the minds of our teams as they go through the sessions.

While it is a large undertaking for us to arrange the day, it is something that we have tried to build on every year and improve our offering.

The Safety Day is a vital tool in keeping everyone safe and keeping the focus on Safety. I am already looking forward to the 2020 Safety Day!”