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What is NET-Zero?

NET-Zero means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to their lowest possible point before offsetting any remaining hard to remove emissions to reduce global warming.

Why are we going NET-Zero?

The UK became the first major economy to commit to ending their contributions to climate change in 2019. As a result, all UK Governments are legally required to reach NET-Zero by 2050. Over 70 countries and the EU have since followed writing Net-Zero into law and/or policy.

Stopping climate change has now become a global effort with countries and businesses all over the world adopting NET-Zero as the best strategy to protect the planet from global warming.

As we play a key role in the supply chain management of our customers, taking steps to reduce our environmental impact not only helps us reach our goal of being NET-Zero by 2040 but also helps our customers meet their environmental goals and commitments.

Therefore, Russell Group are proud to be a part of this movement and are committed to continuously developing our business practices in a bid to lower our environmental impact and be Net-Zero by 2040.

What are we doing to go NET-Zero?

Reaching NET-Zero by 2040 requires innovative and practical solutions, as such we have implemented several new business practices to drive us forward on our route to NET-Zero.

These include going electric, finding alternative fuels, updating our fleet, tracking and managing our fuel consumption, reporting our carbon footprint and moving more services from road to rail.

Achieving NET-Zero will require a lot of work and dedication from everyone, therefore, we have also advised our employees to be mindful of their energy consumption by turning off unnecessary power supplies, reducing and recycling their use of paper and plastic, and encouraging our drivers to avoid idling.

Through these active and tangible changes, we are committed to doing our bit to save the planet, and are continuously thinking of new, more eco-friendly ways to operate.

For more information on how we have invested in our planet and the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon emissions read our Earth Day and World Environment Day articles.

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