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Happy #InternationalWomen'sDay! 💜

We caught up with Russell Group's very own Amy Grew, the first female LNG driver based in the UK to discuss what being a women in a male dominated industry means to her.

"I have happily worked for Russell for just over 4 years alongside my dad John Grew, who recently retired. It’s been nice to be able to work alongside my dad as not many people get the chance to. My current job title is HGV Driver but I’ve recently completed my ADR licence which means I’m able to drive tankers and load up the LNG. Driving is a job well ingrained within my family. My dad is a driver and his dad before him, and now I’ve taken up the family job. We often joke that I have diesel running in my veins not blood. My mum Angie helped me learn to drive and I liked the freedom it gave me, now with everything else that I’ve added on to it, I can drive most things on the road and have an even greater sense of freedom than before. I work nights which although sounds odd is actually better as there’s less traffic. I just have to deal with road closures which can be a nightmare at times.

Russell is a respectable and a reputable company that treat me as family and not just a number. I only have to ring up the office and someone will take my call and give me the support I require. I came to Russell with my truck licence already but Russell gave me the opportunity to gain my ADR licence. I feel honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to represent women in this industry and possibly open the door for more women in the future. I think there needs to be more women in the industry as it’s crying out for more drivers no matter their gender or backgrounds. I believe due to the negative connotations of HGV driving such as it being a dirty job in a male dominated industry with long hours makes it very off putting for many women. I would recommend my job to others but would advise them to be prepared for long hours of driving. In 5 years’ time I see myself continuing to drive or possibly moving careers and becoming a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser)."

Thank you to Amy and all of the women who work at Russell Group, we are extremely grateful for all of your hard work and are proud to celebrate you today and everyday!

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