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To celebrate Earth Day, we are excited to share some of the progress we have made towards our goal of being NetZero by 2040.

With the decarbonisation of our fleet being the biggest obstacle towards reaching our NetZero goal, we are proud to have been involved in producing The HGV Decarbonisation Pathway as members of the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce. Together with organisations across haulage, manufacturing, energy, government, union, and finance sectors, we developed a pathway to decarbonising Scotland’s HGVs, and are now looking to implementing the necessary agreed upon actions to achieve our shared goal of zero emission HGVs. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we have been looking at alternative fuels as a short and long-term solution to reduce our carbon emissions. We have invested in electric vehicles and equipment, with electric inhouse vehicles being used across sites and an electric gantry being in operation at one of our rail terminals. We have also recently received the delivery of our first zero emission fully electric heavy goods vehicle which will operate as part of an internal fleet on a customer premises.

This new vehicle shares the same in cab technology as the rest of our fleet allowing for telematic reporting to increase carbon efficiency.

“The introduction of our first zero emissions vehicle reaffirms our commitment to achieving our Net Zero target and in delivering long term sustainable solutions for our customers,” David Paterson, Managing Director of Carntyne Transport.

Another exciting development towards Net Zero is the expansion of our rail network with the introduction of Russell RailRoad earlier this month. The average freight train can carry the same load as 76 HGVs meaning that rail freight is not only more cost-effective but also significantly more sustainable than road freight. In fact, rail freight emits 76% fewer CO2 emissions per tonne-km compared to road freight. Therefore, where feasible we will be continuing to encourage the use of rail freight to our customers to not only help us achieve our environmental goals, but to help our customers achieve theirs too. To discover how Russell RailRoad can assist in lowering your CO2 emissions and enhancing your productivity, contact

To strengthen our sustainability strategy, we are also working with a third-party environmental agency to gather greater insight for the programme of activities required to develop and implement Science Based Targets.

So, as we celebrate Earth Day 2024, we are proud to remain committed to finding efficient and sustainable logistic solutions for the benefit of our customers, community, employees, and the planet.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to Net Zero!

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