P .12 CBI Image1David Weir, Carntyne’s Transport Manager, has recently joined the CBI Scotland Under 35 Network. CBI, The Confederation of British Industry, is a UK organisation which provides a voice for 190,000 businesses at a regional, national and international level.  Their purpose is to help the business world create a more prosperous society. The CBI Scotland Under 35 Network aims to bring together young future business leaders in Scotland to fi nd solutions for modern day challenges inside and outside the business world – digital innovations, green technology, next generation infrastructure, as well as business practices and public trust. The Under 35 Network will provide new perspectives to fast-changing realities and will be integrated into CBI Scotland’s board-level discussions. CBI Scotland’s vision for the network is to push forward work around productivity and focus on challenges around management practice and innovation.

How did you find out about the CBI Scotland Under 35 Network? I was nominated by the Group and was delighted when I was selected by CBI.

What made you want to get involved? I’m fortunate enough to have been involved within the transport industry from a very early age. This has given me a unique and in-depth insight into this challenging and fast paced sector. I have a real hunger and appetite for constantly improving productivity and encouraging, supporting and helping other people to do their best. As transport is one of the four key areas for boosting regional productivity, I would be keen to pass on my knowledge and ideas to the wider business community and local government. Likewise, I would be interested in hearing from others across various industries and learning from their experiences in areas that the transport industry could benefit from. It’s very easy to get caught up within your own company and industry and I believe such a network would allow the people involved to learn from one another and implement ideas or practices to their current industries. The Scottish and UK economy is a far larger picture, and I feel that a network of young business leaders should be sharing ideas on how to improve productivity, management practices and innovative ideas to create a more slick and cohesive economy which provides opportunities for people in the future and is an attractive place for those outwith our economy to come and do business.

What does the role involve? A meeting takes place twice a year with the Under 35 members, which is made up of individuals from all backgrounds and industries. At the first meeting this year, we were given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers discussing productivity and what it means to our businesses. We had a roundtable discussion on key themes which gets you thinking about your own business and what to take back with you, and we discussed innovation to push productivity. I have come back to the office ready to put these ideas into place and hope to see changes before the next meeting later in the year. I also have the opportunity to communicate with other members all year round which is great to be able to bounce ideas off  others and see how we are all progressing.